01 Mar

SSIS Setting The Script Language

If you are learning SSIS you’ve been instructed to drag a script task to the control flow and then to be sure that “Microsoft Visual Basic 2010” is selected.  And, of course, you forget, which sets the script task to C#, effectively ruining it if you try to change it Visual Basic.  Ruining might be too strong but it’ll likely error if you try to use it.

What they never tell you is that you can set the script to default to Visual Basic 2010, rather that C#, so you never have this problem again.

Here’s what you do.

  1. In SSDT, Click Tools / Options.
  2. Open “Business Intelligence Designers”.
  3. Open “Integration Services Designs”.
  4. Change the “Script Language” to “Microsoft Visual Basic 2010”.
  5. Click OK to save.