03 Mar


Anyone who has bought the 70-462 Training Kit knows that the author recommends you set up an environment with 6 boxes or virtual servers. I have to admit that I didn’t do that and instead went for brute force memorization which happened to work in that case, mostly because I had lots of questions on security.

Unfortunately, the 70-463 exam has a section on Master Data Services, which when combined with Data Quality Services is 15% of the test. The 70-463 Training Kit, continuing to provide excellent information and detail, says that you can install it on Windows 7, you just have to do it differently. WRONG! AGAIN! You can only install it on Windows 7 Ultimate because that’s the only version that can use Windows Authentication. I discovered that after wasting a few more hours, a common theme with the 70-463 Training Kit.

So, given that, and given that any number bigger than 0 on that section would be good, I decided to install a virtualization solution. I spent, I dunno, maybe 5 minutes doing research, in other words, I looked at the first website that came up in Google, which said use Virtualbox and go here to get it. Knowing that the first page of a Google search is always above reproach, especially the very first result, off I went.

And here’s what happened.

I downloaded it, installed it, I went through the settings twice as I needed to configure it for the 64-bit windows server version and it’s working. I’ve downloaded and installed 2008 R2 Server (evaluation), it connected to the internet and SQL Server 2012 is happily installing as I write this. It could not possibly have gone smoother.

To be fair, I haven’t done any networking tests, and probably won’t, the installations are all very basic, and I’ve gone full “Simple Jack” on everything, but it’s working. And, after working with the 70-463 Training Kit for the last few weeks, that’s a very refreshing experience.

You can get Virtualbox at the link below.


Note, I did have one small issue, CTRL-ALT-DELETE would bring up the Windows 7 menu.  It turns out I need to use the host key + Delete.  The host key can be found under File / Preferences / Input.