31 Jan

Training Kit (70-462): Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

70-462 Training Kit

70-462 Training Kit

Well, one more test down. I have to admit, straight up, that I enjoyed this one a lot less than I enjoyed 70-461. When I did the Oracle SQL Expert test it was hard, but honest. I never had the feeling that the official study guide was missing anything major and I felt the questions on the test were really clear and direct. They were just mean at times.

This test felt more like what I remember from Microsoft tests, a tendency to rely on vagueness or very subtle word choices, and minutiae, rather than testing knowledge. Honestly, a large part of this test were simply things that unless you were a full-time DBA, then it would all be 2nd nature to you, are things the rest of us would look up.

But, this is about the book, so here goes.

First, this book doesn’t even make the attempt to be interesting. It’s simply, here are the steps to do Y, for 500 pages. It’s just a straight up grind through the content. I don’t know if that’s the author’s fault, or the content of the test, which is a straight-up grind. Just be aware that this is, a, grind.

Second, the book, at times looks to have been lifted almost directly from the online documentation. Again, that’s probably due to the content, but when you see sentences that are essentially identical to the online content you wonder, a little, as to why you bothered to buy the book.

Other commentators have noted that you need to set up 6 servers. I didn’t do this, I used brute-force on the process, but I can see that helping. There’s so much micro stuff on the test that going through the process could help, they certainly test it. I wish I’d done it but at the same time the test is so heavy on memorization that maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference.

I guess if you’ve gotten this far you’ve figured out that I wasn’t a big fan of this test or the book. The prior training kit was excellent but the content of that book is rife for more interesting writing and reading. The question I can’t really answer is the pain I felt plowing this book, due to the book, the test content or less interest on my part?

Finally, you really have no where else to go to study for the test. The book does provide enough to pass the test, so there is that, but for me it was just painful to get done. This sort of test screams out for a solid study guide and this isn’t that. I felt like I was fighting the book and the test so I’m very happy to have this one in my rear view mirror.

If I had to rate this book I’d probably give it a 2-1/2 out of 5. No way is this a 5, or even a 4 but at least it gets you through the basics of the content.

The book is available at amazon.com.