Truck Dashboard

truckThis is a remake of a dashboard item I created for J.E. Higgins Lumber Company.  Instead of using gauges or graphs I created a bar with a truck that moved across it towards whatever our company-wide sales goal.  The truck also changed size depending on whether our sales were increasing or decreasing.  The original dashboard was done using PHP/HTML/MySQL and some math to calculate the pixels for image placement.  This version, because it’s a demo doesn’t need a database connection and it also uses jQuery for animation purposes.

The dashboard is very simple.  A truck appears, then a forklift appears, which fills the truck up as a percentage of the daily sales goal.  So, if you had a daily sales goal of $100K and sold $50K (50%) the truck would be filled with 14 pallets of lumber which is half of the 28 pallets it could hold.  If you have no sales for a day then the truck and forklift show up empty and don’t move.

I’d like to add one thing.  I find most commercial dashboards to be horribly unimaginative.  Look, a bar graph.  Look, it’s a gauge that looks like every other gauge ever created.    To be honest, I prefer raw data and SQL to analyze data but that isn’t an option for everyone.  So, I challenge you to be creative and find new ways to look at information.  That truck was probably the most popular thing I did for that company despite having built their intranet and several websites, one of which was regularly used by many of the flooring dealers and contractors that we sold to.

Click here to view the dashboard

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