08 Apr

SAS Advanced

I guess I’m going to do this next.  But, it probably won’t be a rush job and I may not even finish it.  I’m 1-1/2 chapters in and I’ve already found 3 things that irritated me where SAS went off the reservation, so to speak.  And because they’ve done that it probably means another test where they hit minutiae, I pass the test, and leave the testing center mad.

So, here is the plan.  Unlike the SAS Base certification, this will go slower, at most a couple of chapters a day.  It might go even slower once I get out of the SQL part, which I should, theoretically know most of.  I’m also going to post most, but not all, of these after my last SAS Base post which will hit on May 11, 2013.  If I have to write as many posts as I expect I’ll need to, I’m probably looking at SAS Advanced content on this site running through August, maybe even September.  I will also try, where it’s reasonable, to compare MySQL and SQL Server to the SAS PROC SQL implementation.  That could get painful, so no guarantees on it.

And, for the 3 readers I have, who don’t wind up here because I’m the only guy, in the world, who has written anything about Cyberquery, I may never finish this.  I’m not hard-core committed to doing it.  I’d put the odds at better than 50/50 but I’m not sure they’re higher than that.

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