24 Mar

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services

Available at Amazon.com

Available at Amazon.com

This will be short.

I wanted to add this book to the review section because I did use it during the SSIS test prep process. Unfortunately, I came to heavily rely on the MSDN near the end so it was down on the list in terms of how much I used it.

I used the book as a reference. For instance, when I wanted to know more about blocking transformations and scripting this this was my resource. It also does a good job of covering transformations and tasks but I’m not sure that their 24-hour book isn’t the better choice for that. On the other hand, this has a lot more technical depth than the 24-hour book so it’s kind of an either/or type of thing.

I also have to admit that I didn’t even come close to reading the whole book. I started tuning out around page 200. I was really looking for test preparation, not, detail. And the one thing this book is not, is test preparation.

Also, the book does not cover, at least I didn’t read it if it does, Master Data Services or Data Quality Services. It touches on Data Warehousing, it pretty much has to, but it doesn’t go hard into data warehousing concepts.

In closing, I’m not going to score the book. I don’t think I read it closely enough for that. I’ll just say that it was part of the study process, it helped in a couple of emergency situations and I think it could be useful if you wanted to learn the product. But, for a primary testing resource or as an entry level tome, I think there are better options.

Available at Amazon.com

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