01 Jan

Sticky: The SAS Section

I’ve had the SAS Base certification study guide for more than a year but I didn’t go “all the way” with it. It’s not a hard language but it is abstract and I’m not certain I’ll ever use it.  However, I’m burned out on SSIS writing, and by extension the next 2 projects on the list (SSAS and SSRS) so I’m going to slay the SAS Base beast, as a break.  Since the “write all kinds of blog posts” worked so well for SSIS that’s what I’m going to do here.  If everything goes well, I’ll be in and out in less than 2-weeks.

These posts should be shorter than what I did in the SSIS section.  SAS, at least at this level, doesn’t need nearly as much step-by-step explanation as SSIS.  I can imagine doubling my post count, yet, reducing my word count  by half.  At least I hope that is how it works.

Also, because I’m writing this as I go through the Study Guide, it will tend to follow that sequence.  As such I may skip things that you feel deserve more detail or even repeat some topics.

Finally, this is test preparation, so I’m not attempting to delve into every detail of a topic.  If it helps you, great, I hope it does, but, if it’s not as deep as you’d like, there are other options available.

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