20 Mar

70-463 Passed

Tuco: “You want to know who you are? Huh? You want to know who’s son you are? You don’t, I do, everybody does… you’re the son of a thousand fathers, all bastards like you.”
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

Well, for my legion of readers, the three who aren’t throwing bot-spam my way, I passed this thing.  It turned out to be easier than I had feared.  Without going into any specifics, as I’m now non-disclosed, it was surprisingly clean and direct.  I didn’t post a score that will have Microsoft checking for hacks but I passed with room to spare.  If I had studied for the T-SQL test like this I might not have missed a question.

Anyways, I’ll start with some new stuff soon and I plan to review the 70-463 Training Kit, again, as well as go over a generic study guide for the test.  I got really sideways in the preparation process and there are some really specific reasons for that which might make for interesting reading.

One last note on the SSIS content.

I have 42 posts on SSIS scheduled to hit this blog (through 04/27).  All of those were written before taking the exam.  As such, except to make corrections (I’m sure there are spelling, grammar and technical issues in them), I won’t touch them again, nor will I clarify any of them in the context of whether they may have, or may not have, been on the test.  What this will do is produce some weird time-distortions where posts show up saying “I think this will be on the test”, as if I haven’t taken the test, yet, here I am having taken the test.  Here is what happened.

  • 02/? – 03/05 – Going nowhere, and getting there fast, trying to study for the 70-463 test.
  • 03/05 – In a fit of complete frustration, on the verge of giving up, I make a decision: to study by writing blog posts.
  • 03/06 – 03/18 – 60 posts written and scheduled through 04/27, averaging more than 2000 words/day.
  • 03/19 – 70-463 taken and passed.
  • 03/20 – Stops, for the most part, writing about SSIS.

So, like I said, it may make for offbeat reading, but combining this with a massive plowing of the MSDN, and other study resources, I got through it.

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