24 Apr

SSISDB: The Right-Click

rightI just wanted to touch on these very quickly.  I’d completely ignored them, and, of course, got tagged by the measureUp practice test.  This will be a quick overview of the options that you may, or at least I had, forgotten.

Active Operations

Actively running operations such as deployment, validation, and package execution.



Allows you to run reports.  There are two-kinds, default and custom.  The default reports are:

  • Integration Services Dashboard
  • All Executions
  • All Validations
  • All Operations
  • All Connections

I would be stunned if this is asked on the test, but, who knows.


  • Clean Logs Periodically:  If it’s set to True logs that are older than the retention period are deleted.
  • Retention Period (days):  If the “Clean Logs Periodically” property is True, this is the number of days that logs are saved.
  • Server-wide Default Logging Level: Details that are logged.
    • None: No logging.
    • Basic: All SSIS event types except OnProgress and OnCustomEvent are captured.
    • Performance: OnError events and component phases are captured.
    • Verbose: All SSIS events.
  • Maximum Number Of Version per Project: Number of versions per project that are retained.
  • Periodically Remove old Versions: Removes versions when the total number exceeds “Maximum Number Of Version per Project”.

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