01 Jan

Sticky: The SSIS Section Disclaimer

I wanted to make sure that anyone reading this section understands what it is.  This is my study process for SSIS.  I take a topic, write about it, and learn it through that process.   These posts are written very fast and cover a lot of ground in a very short time frame (about 5 of these a day).  In many ways, this is like writing a book at an incredibly fast pace, without an editor.  I guarantee that there are errors and grammar issues because there simply isn’t enough time to keep up my pace.

Finally, this is test preparation, so I’m not attempting to delve into every detail of a topic.  If it helps you, great, I hope it does, but, if it’s not as deep as you’d like, there are other options available.

Note: Test passed on 03/19.  However, the backlog of content will run through 04/27 which was the last post (SSIS: Package Deployment) that I wrote as test preparation.  I’m now non-disclosed so I won’t be writing posts that say things like “I think this will be on the test” going forward.  Nor, will I say if any of it was, or wasn’t, on the test.

2 thoughts on “Sticky: The SSIS Section Disclaimer

  1. I primarily used the 70-463 Training Kit to study for the exam, but happened to find your blog the week before the test. I’m glad I did. Your examples were clear, easy to follow (thank you for cut and paste code), and they worked (refreshing after TK). In fact, I took a day off to go through all of your SSIS posts and I’m glad I did. It was time well spent…very worthwhile in clarifying the material I had read in TK. Thank you!

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