15 Jan

MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide

$38.41 from Amazon.com

I’ve read a fair amount of certification books over the years and to be honest, this was, by far, the best book I’ve read. Everything you need to know is here, the sample questions are excellent, and it should be more than enough to pass the test.

Unfortunately, it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve read the book, and I no longer have a copy, but here is what I remember. The book is broken into 4 sections, one for each exam. Each section runs from 100 to 150 pages and the sections are remarkably focused on each section. Additionally, and I believe I downloaded these online, but there are a series of sample questions that come with the book. They are opened ended questions, rather than T/F or pick one of the four, and if you know them, nail them, you will pass the exams.

Without giving anything away, the developer side was harder than the administrative side. I pretty much cruised the administration part, which could have been because I did them last, or the fact that there is a lot less material there. They could bury you in minutiae but all things considered they were pretty fair in that regard. Plus, everything that I saw in the test was covered in the book. There won’t be any surprises because you didn’t read every line of the online documentation.

Also, and I have to be honest about this, this isn’t the hardest exam in the game. By contrast, the Oracle SQL Expert exam is many times harder and it’s only dealing with SQL, no administration at all. I can’t say much more but there were questions on the MySQL exam that I think you could answer correctly with no MySQL experience, conversely, doing that with the Oracle exam you would be murdered, so to speak.

Finally, the book is a bit dated a this time. We’ve moved beyond 5.0 so if you get it, get it with that caveat.

All that said, if you want to sit this exam, and I believe it’s still offered, and you don’t have 10 years experience with the product, by all means get the book. It really will help you get through the exam as it’s rock-solid test preparation.

Available at amazon.com.

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