11 Jan

129 Forever

I haven’t really talked much about my last employer J.E. Higgins Lumber Company. It would have been 130 years old next year, but, alas, it will be 129 forever as it closed in July 2011. Someday I may talk about the reasons but I’ll just say that from going through a crash and burn, that there aren’t many heroes in something like this. Further, I suspect that when we talk about the great turnaround artists in business that there was a lot of luck involved, and probably a few more things similar to luck, than just the masterful skills of the turnaround artist.

For me, this means more than 15 years of association (as an employee and contractor) have essentially ceased to exist. That consists of 7 websites (2 large ones), more than 80 custom applications, a couple of hundred reports and all of the supporting processes underneath it.

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